Kerry routs Edwards, Clark too

WASHINGTON, Feb.Derrick Henry Jersey 7 (UPI) — Sen. Dorrie Kerry distribute the particular anticipation related to their own two The southern part of rivals Wesley Clark in addition to Dorrie Edwards for the gusts of wind inside their primary caucus is victorious Weekend.

Kerry confirmed their own nation-wide acknowledgement among Democrats for the particular Mich caucuses together with 50 % although Sen.Eddie George Jersey Edwards related to Ny trailed inside third together with simply 14 % in addition to Clark, the actual outdated four-star typical in addition to prior NATO Greatest Commander, simply acquired 7 %,Chance Warmack Jersey together with 88 % related to results in.

It have been a similar story inside California situation which Kerry obtained together with forty-nine % in the selection, together with 70 6 % related to results in.Avery Williamson Jersey Right now there Edwards trailed the actual dismal fourth together with simply 6 % in addition to Clark really powering her or him.

Edwards in addition to Clark are usually hotly contesting the particular Veterans administration in addition to Tn primaries Thursday, simply because is really Kerry.Byron Bell Jersey Nevertheless despite the fact that these folks generate perhaps as well as all these events, their very own is better than Weekend extremely display neither of those is really exhibiting any type of real reliability from The southern area of.


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